Soft Opening Goela Souvenir Shop

Karanganyar - De Tjolomadoe officially opened the Goela souvenir shop on Monday, September 3, 2018 at 12.00 West Indonesian Time, marked by ribbon-cutting ceremonial by Rachmat Priyatna as President Director of PT Sinergi Colomadu. This opening was also attended by Head of Disparpora Karanganyar, Drs. Titis Sri Jawoto and local journalists.

Located in the garden area of ​​the De Tjolomadoe, Goela provides a variety of special souvenirs that can be bought by visitors, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, mugs, hats, multi-functional bags, postcards, and many more. Goela also provides souvenir in the form of pink sugar-block named Gendhis. As the name suggests, this souvenir can be a sweet gift for family waiting at home.

The interior of Goela is decorated with beautiful murals which tells the glory of the Colomadu Sugar Factory. Aside from being ornaments, these murals is also a great spot for visitors to get their photos taken.

Rachmat Priyatna as President Director of PT Sinergi Colomadu said, "Goela main purpose is to facilitate visitors to get De Tjolomadoe's official merchandise. In addition, Goela is a form of our support for local business in Solo Raya. We hope that Goela's presence will be able to help increase regional income. "